The Boy Who Saved the World with his Swallowing Machine. Oct 2019

This is a story about a boy who lived in a small house near a filthy street. In that street there was so many plastic bags that everyone had to squeeze to get through to go somewhere or returning back home. This boy was skinny so he did not need to squeeze through. Also, he had a notebook, and in his notebook, he had sketched an idea about a machine that could swallow all kinds of bags and then sort out the messy plastic bags and pile them nicely in his tummy.

This boy was called Tim. He loved to watch YouTube videos, especially those about scientific discoveries. One day while watching a random YouTube video, He thought of an idea. Not just any ordinary idea, an idea about making a machine that could wipe out all kinds of bags that had become an eyesore.

Tim had attended a science exhibition, so he decided to sign up for the school annual science exhibition contest. He made a machine called the paperpiler. After several tests and models, he assembled a machine that could use solar energy to suck all of the bags.

He decided to test out his machine, starting from the kitchen. He pushed the button to start his new invention. To his amazement his new creation zapped up all plastic bags on sight. The machine swallowed all the bags in his mum’s kitchen, his bedroom and the backyard. He was proud of what he had made.

 He quickly made his way all around his house all the mess was gone, just like that. Exited with all he had discovered, he presented his invention to his school workshop. After workshop he showed his parents his invention.

After that, they helped Tim make his machine better. The teacher went all over town on a mission to banish any loose hanging plastic bag all over town. After a gruelling hour of zapping and scooping plastic bags, they saw no bags anywhere at all. They were amazed.

When they got back to school the teachers said he could add another feature to the machine.

Tim continued to think ‘outside the box’, he soon discovered a way to improve the machine, the machine did not only just suck up bags but it also made delicious’s chocolate with a special ingredient that could make anyone healthy. With this discovery, there were no sick or unhealthy people in Tim’s world neither were there any polluted streets strewn with plastic bag. That’s how Tim saved the world.

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