All About Me Oct 2019

My Favorite Color: Pink    My Best Friend:Saira   My Favorite Foods: Lasagna     My Favorite Drinks: Apple juice and Black current.       My Library: Gloucester  Library  ,      My CD David William rat burger  has been returned.    I got Three Sisters, One Brother and a mom and dad .      My Favorite Chanel: Mr Magoo 2019        When I was 3 years old I was in Nursery , When   I was 5 I went to A bigger  School , When I was Seven I was in year 2. I’m Still eight years old but I’m having a brilliant time in year four. I’m good at Drawing and Writing.    I got a lunchbox that is pink with containers from the brand sistema.     I play Times Tables rockstars everyday and I sometimes play Hit the Button that is on topmark.         I’m learning a new language called Swahili and I learnt how to say baba mama and watoto wich means ( dada – sister, mama – mum, watoto – children).      I like to play with my brother and sisters.

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