All About Me May 2021

Hi😊! I’m Deborah, although I’m usually called Debra! I like to sing and draw cartoon characters. Even though I’m nine years old, I’m starting to write the fourth page of my new book called “The Boy who played with Shadows”… I’m planning to publish it in about a year. I also live with my 4 siblings, I’m the oldest of my siblings. I have a YouTube Channel called ” Bendy Debbie”, and a blog called Debswonderfulblog. My full name is Deborah Moraa Bosire. I live in with my mother and father in our house, with a garden which is as big as one allotment. My Birthday is on June 2nd this year, a bit after my birthday, I’m going to get braces. My race is a black African, and I have 4c hair.

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