Dexter’s Scientific Adventure Feb 2020

This story is about a boy called Dexter. He loved scientific discoveries because his older sister called Lila used to make money by making brilliant medicines that actually work. Lila didn’t care about the money, she just loved to save lives.

Lila wanted to be a scientist but her dad Cason wanted her to be an athletic because Lila was very fast and incredible at all sports, well that’s because she is forced to go to a sports club called ” Sportin up!” which was for teenagers.

Dexter didn’t like his dad because whenever he asked him a question he never listens and walk away but when he asked his mum a question she would answer them and write them in Dexter’s plain book so that when he forgets he could read what it means.

One cold evening,Dexter decided to invent a invention that could read minds. A few mysterious years later, He managed to invent the machine he planned to make all those years ago and soon became the richest boy in the planet.

Cason was surprised to see that his son has earned lots of money and is on the radio, newspaper and TV! Cason was so surprised and confused that he thought it was a dream ,but it was real…

When he woke up he saw Dexter and Lila watching TV while their mother was working on how to earn money. After a few seconds, Dexter notices his dad so he walks to him and gives him £1 billion. His dad then glares at him then at the money, He then gives his son a big hug for. After that Cason listened to whatever Dexter says and answered them correctly not because of the money but how he earned it.

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