The Squirrel and the Cow Feb 2021

true story
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Way in the future, there was a talking squirrel who hated nuts. All his squirrel friends tried to convince him but Alex was stubborn. Alex was the name of the squirrel who hated nuts. Instead of nuts, he would eat the grass while pretending he was a cow.

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Alex’s friend Rorris had a similar problem with food. Rorris was a cow but was allergic to grass, he loved nuts but still wishes he could try grass. Rorris and Alex were best friends but, they had completely different personalities.

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Alex loved farming while Rorris prefered to make art. Alex would always follow the same routine on the Youtube Channel “Squirrelling Scape!”. You will never catch Rorris ever using the same routine any day. Rorris Always does something very challenging but life-changing. Alex was always doing normal stuff(like doing PE, Cleaning the whole house and going out for a walk around the neighbourhood). Whenever he faces a challenge and fails, he would quit it immediately. Rorris would never quite a challenge that could be lifechanging. Even if he fails, he wouldn’t quit, instead, he would try to find out what he got wrong and practise it until he masters that skill.

One warm evening, Rorris thought about visiting Alex. Rorris sent an email to Alex to check if it was okay to visit his home. The email looked like this.

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The next day, Alex found the message and Replied. Alex didn’t want to upset his friend so he said that he may come on Monday evening. The email looked like this.

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Soon, Rorris received the email. Rorris was quite happy since he wasn’t able to see him in a while. Alex was not happy about his meeting because he doesn’t usually have visitors, The first visitor he ever had was Rorris, Alex accidentally made grass stew for him. Rorris sat at the table to drink the stew( it was in a mug) and while mistaking it for green tea. After he finished drinking the stew, he complained he was not feeling well. Alex called the hospital and they took him away for 2 days. Rorris still thought of Alex as his best friend.

From then on, Alex never visited Rorris. By now, Rorris had already forgotten about that incident. Before 2 weeks finished, Alex tried to eat nut’s and forget about grass. This was challenging for Alex but Alex kept telling himself ‘If I don’t stop eating grass, I may make the same mistake I made last time, and that was just scary’.
Alex did something he had never done before, he practised eating nuts for 2 weeks. Soon, he got used to the nuts and thought about making it his new favourite food. On Monday evening, Rorris came to Alex’s house. He was so surprised once he realised that Alex was eating NUTS! He was so surprised he jumped up and down whispering, ‘Alex has CHANGED! Alex has CHANGED! Alex has CHANGED!!! ‘

Once everyone found out he loved nut’s they celebrated by having
a nut feast.

Which Character are you? Are you like Rorris or Alex? If you are Alex, could you try to challenge yourself?

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