I’m in Year 6! Sep 2021

This Monday (6th September 2021)

I’m nervous and excited for the incoming year!

I am NERVOUS because:

I am going to do a Grammar School test infront of HUNDREDTHS of PEOPLE(maybe evan thousandths!).

This is going to be my LAST YEAR in primary school( also last year learning with my friends!).

I have always worn skirts or dresses( since I’m not a big fan of leggings or trousers), but I have decided to get school leggings/trousers! I don’t know how my muslim friends are going to react.

I use to draw really bad drawings in school ,(that my friends said looked better than there’s!), but I started learning to draw quite nice(not perfect) cartoon drawings! I don’t know how my friends are going to react.

I am EXCITED because:

My mother is going to through a PARTY if I pass the Grammar School test.

My little sister is going to start Reception this year!

I’m going to move into a new classroom with a new teacher!I have heard rumors that the classrooms in Year 6 are very close to the school hall!

On the last day of Year 5, I got invited to join a New Music GROUP!Of course I shrugged but they mistaked it for a nod. Now I have 5 more friends!I’m not really sure If I will have time to play with them and my bestfriends though.

Other stuff:

I’m currently Reading the Chapter “Ruth” in the bible!

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