Jane’s Adventure. Nov 2019

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Deborah’s story from last year

It was a warm, windy morning and Jane was bored. She was waiting at the end of a line when she saw her older brother. Jane’s brother came up to her and gave her a magical, waterproof, poem book. ” This is the magical waterproof poem book I had when I was your age. You can only use it if you write something special.”

Feeling Nervous, Jane used the magical book and she wrote a poem that was all about a jungle adventure. Then she ended up in a Jungle.

In the jungle there were trees as rough as rocks and rivers as dark as night. There also was grass as green as highlighters and flowers which feel like leaves. There were long, dark and green vines were hanging from the jungle roof top.

Moments later, Jane saw a young boy (Evron) walking towards a tall tree. Evron looked about 9 years old. He was wearing a bright orange shorts and dark orange trunks. He also had dark blue shoes and shiny brown glasses.

“Who are you?” said Jane.

“I’m Evron.” the boy replied

“Shall we explore this jungle together?”

” Yes!” said Evron excitedly.

The two friends set off onto their journey. As they begin there adventure, they first saw spiky,prickly brambles. As they continued, they saw huge, tall cliffs that were blocking their way. After that, they saw fog and mud. Jane and Evron also saw big and heavy waterfalls. Finally they saw a steaming hot volcano.

As they reach the top of the volcano, they saw a terrifying bear behind them. Suddenly, the bear started to chase them until they arrived at the edge of a cliff. Thinking quickly, Jane tried to escape by jumping onto a waterfall. Jane then noticed the magical, waterproof, poem book down the waterfall. When they finally reach the bottom of the waterfall, Jane goes to get the poem book and writes about home. Then they finally found their way home.

This story is an adventure story. I made it when I was in year 3. I’m now in year 4 term 2. Visit me later on my next post and please comment and like!

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