Loom Bands Nov 2019

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Loom bands

Loom bands are a kind of bracelet made out of tiny stretchy bands.  You could buy a full set of them if you buy within the 8 days remaining! They are at low price so please come and buy the Loom bands in there. If you do, you could sell them for 50p and then you have to get some friends to buy them.

Loom bands are amazing if you know how to make different kind of patterns with them, you could search online ( wikihow or other sites that tell you about this). You could even make a skipping rope with it! They are so many loom bands that you will want but please buy the colour changing looms because they would look beautiful on you.

Black Friday is an event that happens once a year on amazon, It’s where we get lots of new items for a limited amount of time. If you have a site, you could put the deals there and write about them, if you do, you may become rich.

In School

In school a girl in my class is selling loom bands and she has £6.00 because of this. She is also our F.R.E.E councillor of the class. Last year I was one but anyway, let’s get back to loom bands shall we?

     Last part.

Now you know what loom bands are, you can explore the creative side of you.  That’s the end of my text for now, See you later!

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