5 Gifts for 11 Year Olds Girl

Gifts for 11 Year Olds Girl

Girls usually get hype about special occasions, such as Christmas, Easter and their own birthdays. If you want make it remarkable, you can get one of these gifts for her. You can get her supreme gifts that match her personality. I have listed 4 Gifts for 11 Year Olds Girl so you can find her the flawless present.

1. Cute Polaroid Digital Camera

Taking stunning photos can make memories seem lively.Using the touchscreen display, you can get perfect snapshots. Frame the object, then press the shutter button ,on the camera, to capture all the details from the image. Your photos will look fascinating!

The camera has a capable 13MP camera with 3.4mm lens, capturing every detail in portraits to selfies! As a camcorder, it takes 1080p/720p HD videos simply by the press of a button. You can save your pictures and print them later by inserting a microSD. Likewise this, you can set the “automatic mode” to make your photographs print instantly!

Without the need of ink or toners, Zink Zero Ink sheets are able to hold mesmerizing vibrant prints which are water-resistant, tear -resistant, smudge-proof, and are dry to the touch, meaning, there is no need to worry about your pictures.

By downloading the Polaroid app via your smartphone, you can take photography. The app is compatible with Android or iOS. To connect the camera to the app, directly send your photos to a smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. Unlocking endless editing features Polaroid has to offer such as: Cute stickers, filters and borders!These options(in addition to others) are simple and pleasant to use, triggering your creative side!Moreover, the app is free!

As it is flamboyant,vivid and pocket-sized, it is perfect for vlogging, blogging and travelling.In addition to this, the design is compact, portable and the perfect match for parties, vacations, indoor / outdoor occassions and ect.It will be brilliant as gifts for 11 year olds girl.

2. Soothing Color-Changing Lamp Speaker

This night light has an advanced 5W driver and subwoofer stero speaker which provides a Crisp treble and Robust bass,Moreover, it is portable. Meaning that you can calmly listen to the latest hits on the go!

The lamp has modes such as: “Warm White Light Mode”,with four levels of brightness, “Hypnotic Light Mode” with “Red Light” for sleeping assistance,”Dynamic Light Mode” which covers over 16million colours with RGB and ect. As you can see, there are a variety of modes to choose from.

In addition to this,the package comes with a rechargeble 2200mAh prenium battery,which supports up to 18 hours on medium-brightness light,about 10 hours on medium-volume music play and up to an outstanding amount of 120 hours on low-brightness light. Surprisingly, it only needs 3 hours to fully charge it, meaning that you can use it daily!

With the sensitive touch control,you will be able to tap a metal ring sensor to shift colours and modes.You can turn it off or on by holding the sensor for a short period of time.You might have a pleasing experience touching it as it changes colour every time you do!

As this gift is portable, it is suitable for occasions such as sleepovers, parties, vacations and ect.It can also be used in daily life!Overall, I think this would be an excellent gift for your child.

3. Creative Tie Dye Kit

This tie dye kit has numerous stuff such as: 24 bottles full of vibrant dye, 24 refill packes (incase others run out), 24 protective gloves (so that the dye can’t go on her hands),160 rubber bands, a reusable surface cover, a hand carry case and an instruction sheet.

Shockingly, she only need to add water, and then shake and dye the fabric to get appealing clothes! Using the rubber bands, she can create patterns, and apply a mixture of colours. She can use this kit on shorts, jeans, dresses, pillowcases, curtains, hats, shirts and many more other things!

As the colours have been made in a unique formula, she can wash the things she tie dyes repeatedly as the colour can stay vivid and bright for a long period. In short, it means that you don’t need to worry about it fading.

Fortunately, the bottles contain quite a lot of dye, which means she can create matching clothes with friends and family! It would develop her creativity!

I feel that this would be a perfect gifts for 11 year olds girl who enjoys designing things!

4. Quality Watercolour Brush Pens

This watercolour brush pen set has been designed with brush pens which have soft but durable tips. Unlike normal nibs, the tip is flexible, allowing complete control over each stroke. Meaning that she will be able to paint with a range of thin and broad lines. The design of the pen makes it comfortable and artistic to use!

Every pen included with the package has been created with a vibrant, rich pigment which makes your paintings look professional.The high quality materials used in making the brush pen can satisfy all, whether you are just beginning art, a student learning art, a hobbyist or a professional artist.

These pens can be use for comics, lettering, manga, illustrations, bullet journaling and scrapbooking. The “Creativepeak” pens will let her express her creativity to create stunning masterpieces which she will admire.

“Creativepeak” pens contain non-toxic water-based ink which blends notably well together-which normal pens for sale do not have. She can use the refillable water brush pen to seamlessly combine inks(which gives her access to an unlimited amount of colours at her fingertips.)

The colours included in the set are: Tuscan Yellow, Honey Orange, Cherry Red, Flamingo Pink, Raspberry, Deep Purple, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Seaweed Green, Mocha Brown and Noir.Your child will surely love to use this palette on her drawings.

I think that this kit would be perfect to give your 10 year old child on her 11nth birthday if she likes to draw, paint or sketch. Overall, these pens can be gifted at any occasion for art-enthusiastics.

They do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee from date of purchase if you are not completely satisfied with the brush pens.

5. Dinky Charm Bracelet Making Kit

This charm bracelet making kit includes : 10 rainbow beads, 8 gem beads, a rainbow pendant, 15 alloy pendants, 20 alloy, 3 snake chain bracelets and 3 necklaces. As you can see, there’s a lot of stuff she will be able to use to make charm bracelets.

Some pendants are shaped as a rainbow, a heart, an angel, a snowflake, a wing and a crown. You can try to imagine your daughter wearing and sharing them with friends and family if you’re wondering if this gift would be ideal. Owing to the fact that it has 2 different lengths, the bracelet is suitable for most girls.

This chain jewellery set has numerous styles, with vibrant colours and chic designs, which can make your child look modern. Besides that, it can be added as a contemporary accessory for parties.

Personally speaking, I think that this would be the perfect present to give to an 11-year-old girl on Christmas, New Year, birthdays or any other special occasions that you like to celebrate.


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